About Us TJ5 Technologies

As the gap between cyber-threats and our efforts to keep up widens, we need to stop and analyze the effectiveness of traditional layers of defense built solely on signature and reputation based capabilities. At TJ5, we recognize that the threat landscape is advanced and evolving quickly while our clients ability to react may be limited due to rapidly increasing IT complexity and security Staff overburden. At TJ5, our innovative solutions and strategies are simplified and highly effective in providing needed capabilities to protect against the latest trends. All of our strategic solutions have been chosen for their advanced capabilities, ease-of-implementation and ease-of-management so that your IT Staff can start catching up with the adversary without exacerbating complexity and overburden.

  • VALUE-ORIENTED FIRM We are a 'value-oriented' agile firm as opposed to a 'Sales oriented' organization. Therefore, our representatives are more than salespeople closing sales and handing off projects to a service delivery team, they are your main point of contact at all times - including the project delivery phase. This ensures that they are accountable to remain within our strategic vision as a value-oriented firm, deliver on promised benefits, and ensure that there is no delay or discord between sales and service delivery.
  • “INTEGRATORS” ONLY! We absolutely guarantee that you get "real world" experienced "integrators" with the exact technology you are purchasing from us - thus avoiding only "certified" engineers that are sometimes limited to a rigid framework and may lack problem solving capabilities with integrating solutions to their full capacity.

We are built to deliver on our mission in a timely manner with effective, easy to manage solutions for your security needs today....and tomorrow.