Protection Data-Centric security

Our Data-Centric security solutions focus on securing the actual data itself, as opposed to securing data where it resides and is transmitted.

With today’s proliferation of powerful mobile and storage devices, data is far too difficult to keep track of with an undefined perimeter. Nowadays, the perimeter is simply where your data is and this requires new security strategies that move with the data.

We represent solutions that secure the data itself allowing you to gain total content protection and control throughout your entire enterprise, from the desktop to the network perimeter and beyond – and for your data at rest and in motion.

Our strategy includes Data Loss Prevention and Encryption technologies that can be deployed separately or integrated to provide “complete data control”.

Data-Loss Prevention

The Data Loss Prevention solution we represent is for organizations in all industries that need to safeguard intellectual property and customer and proprietary data in motion, at rest and in use.

We offer an extensive suite of detection and analysis capabilities as our DLP Solution offering identifies, classifies, correlates, captures and stops information outflow. With visibility and control across the entire network we can provide maximum protection against compliance violations, customer data loss, intellectual property theft, insider hacker activity, inappropriate Internet usage and espionage.

Our DLP offering Platform from our partner includes patent pending capabilities to provide complete monitoring, protection and discovery of all of your structured and unstructured data, whether at rest or in motion. The benefits of our offering include:

  • Fully Customizable Analysis Engine with detection capabilities to facilitate the identification and classification of data, even if it is unstructured.
  • Discover and Classify data based on subject matter without the need to identify the format or location in advance.
  • Central Policy Management to ensure consistently applied policy across all organization units and locations.
  • Granular Reporting to satisfy need for compliance, governance and audit requirements.
  • Built in Policies that identify and categorize data by content and context.
  • Portable Media Control to prevent storage of unencrypted data to USBs or other removable storage devices.
  • Active Directory Integration that identifies users by network name and not just IP address.

For more information about this critical data-centric solution, please contact us to discuss or set up a demo.

Data Encryption

Today, your data is constantly moving about and difficult to keep track of. The data encryption solution that we represent provides integrated full disk encryption, persistent file encryption and data encryption that utilizes data tagging to ensure data is protected no matter where it goes – at the data level. And since it is all integrated into one simple platform, organizations get data protection for less money and without adding complexity.

The data tagging remains with data as it travels from device to device so it is constantly protected no matter where it is including:

  • Data on desktops and laptops
  • On Smartphones, storage devices or any other portable media device
  • In transit as e-mail attachments
  • On file shares or back-up storage

Data these days can be lost in so many different ways as it resides on devices constantly moving in and out of the organization. By incorporating multiple encryption solutions onto a single platform, our solution protects your organization more thoroughly than any other data protection offering.

  • Persistent File Encryption for both data at rest and in motion. With data tagging, encryption settings remain with the data as it travels from device to device
  • Full Disk Encryption to protect all data that is actually on devices that are frequently outside of the organizations secure perimeter.
  • USB Protection allows for protection of data on USB drives without a separate USB encryption solution.

This data encryption solution we represent allows organizations to prevent costly data breaches, enhance DLP and protect all sensitive data in one integrated and simplified product.

Complete Data Control

For Complete Data control, we can help you seamlessly integrate the above encryption offering with our data loss prevention (DLP) software offering. This allows you to systematically identify at-risk data and automatically protect it to reduce the risk of data breaches.
The advantages of Complete Data Control include:

  • Automatically protect data upon detection and reduce manual intervention requirements
  • Encrypt and protect data wherever it goes
  • Apply encryption and group access controls based on specific policy violations
  • Reduce risk across the organization; even if data were to leak, it remains encrypted and thus protected

Complete Data Control enables organizations to understand the content distributed within the enterprise while securing the data with the appropriate encryption policies.