Simple and Powerful Mobile Security

We represent an unparalleled holistic BYOD Network Protection solution with a closed loop automated “self-healing” process.

While it creates numerous challenges to security, mobile devices and BYOD has substantially increased productivity by allowing employees to access corporate applications and data from literally anywhere in the world – providing faster communication and quicker collaborative decision making.

However, with all of the obvious business benefits that mobile devices provide, they also introduce a multitude of new vulnerabilities posing real security challenges. Mobility has created a shift from traditional platforms with established security tools to emerging, mobile technologies that expose the enterprise to risks that cannot be mitigated with traditional security tools or emerging MDM offerings.

We represent a better strategy with an approach that is simple and powerful – and far more effective than any stand-alone MDM offering or MDM/NAC alliance integration. With our strategy we can actively detect and disrupt attacker methods and threats from mobile devices by applying shared intelligence through integrated technologies with automation - gaining a broader understanding of activity on a network. While one observation on its own may not appear suspicious, the shared intelligence provides for superior threat detection.

The following four critical issues are addressed with our approach and should be a minimum requirement for enabling BYOD securely:

  • 1. Identification of all Devices on the Network - by device type and user allows the application of on-network policies.
  • 2. Mitigation of Mobile Malware Propagation - by identification of infected devices on the network before they can propagate malware.
  • 3. Eliminating the Loss of Sensitive Data - with integrated DLP.
  • 4. Full Cycle Malware Protection - with “always on” signature-less capabilities to protect against both known and unknown advanced malware.

Our BYOD Network Protection approach provides enterprises with a closed loop and automated “self-healing” capability to verify and ensure that threats are identified, stopped and fully contained.