Unique Advantage Network Security

NAC – Network Access Control

TJ5 leverages an award winning NAC from one of the largest Security providers in the world - Agentless and architecture agnostic for an easy to implement and manage solution. Our NAC enables granular control over network access and delivers continuous monitoring of both company provisioned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) mobile endpoints. In addition, it helps to prevent the spread of malware and other threats that can harm infrastructure and leave organizations vulnerable to attack and data loss.

Our NAC unique advantages:

  • Agentless integration with any wired or wireless network. "Dissolvable agent" technology provides seamless full lifecycle pre- and post-admission monitoring support.
  • Real-time detection and control for managed and unmanaged assets.
  • Always on’ Continuous Monitoring of Assets to ensure that the device remains “clean” while on the network, even after Network access has been granted.

Integrated Support of BYOD

NAC mitigates challenges related to BYOD and supports your BYOD and mobile access strategy and initiatives through:

  • Device Identification – identification of iOS and Android personal mobile devices as well as others that connect to the corporate network.
  • Authentication and Device Categorization – easy authorization and placement of devices into BYOD specific security zones for management purposes.
  • Threat Prevention – via automated detection and restriction of non-compliant devices based on device type, vulnerability assessment, potentially malicious behavior, or infection.

Enterprise NAC is an integral component of a Mobile Security strategy, which provides automated network protection for BYOD and other mobile devices through the integration of multiple award winning technologies. See Mobile Security section for more information.

Token-Less 2-Factor Authentication

For organizations looking for a 2-factor authentication solution that eliminates the hassle and cost of token based solutions. We represent a two-factor authentication solution from our partner that combines cloud-based delivery and self-service administration with flexible authentication methods. With low, per user fees, our solution is easy to provision and inexpensive to maintain, supporting any use case including: network or application authentication from the corporate desktop, remote locations, employee laptops and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Some of the unique advantage:

  • Simple integration with existing VPN and Web applications. No separate infrastructure required.
  • Ease of Management with no control software to install, no tokens to provision or replace and all users self-enroll via their mobile devices.
  • Reduce Infrastructure Complexity by utilizing end users mobile devices and eliminating tokens.

Multiple Authenticators allow end users to authenticate to a network, web application or website using their smartphones:

  • Mobile Mobile via a one-time passcode generation
  • PUSH PUSH notification for login request approval or denial
  • Voice Callback push button authentication
  • SMS via a one-time passcode sent by SMS text
  • Digital Digital Certificates issued as user authenticator by the solution

This solution does not lock the user to any single, second factor of authentication. When one authentication mechanism is not supported based on a particular medium or access location, it dynamically provides multiple options at the point of authentication for a user to choose from.

Comprehensive Network Security

Patch, Vulnerability and Network Management in a single platform provides you with a complete picture of your network setup and helps you to maintain a secure and compliant network state. It does this faster and more effectively through its automated patch management features and with minimal administrative effort. Leveraging this award winning platform from one of our partners uniquely provides the following features and benefits:

  • Patch Management provides on demand and fully automated detection, downloading and deployment of missing patches for common applications and Operating systems.
  • Vulnerability Assessment capability checks your operating system, virtual environments and installed applications for over 60 thousand vulnerabilities to help you analyze the state of your network security.
  • Network and Software Audits provides a complete picture of which applications are installed, what hardware is on your network, the state of security applications (AV, anti-spam, firewalls, etc.), what ports are open, any existing shares and services running on your machines.
  • Inventory Assessment via a network scan provides a complete list of all IP-based hardware such as routers, printers, switches and so on to ensure that even forgotten devices are properly patched to avoid access points by an adversary.
  • Change Management provides you with a complete history of network changes that are relevant to the security of your network and sends notifications when these occur.

This comprehensive network solution uniquely provides all of these features in a single platform, reducing your total cost of ownership of these essential security tools. It also assists you in asset inventory, change management, risk analysis and proving compliance.