Real Time Web Security

Protect against both known and unknown threats in real time with a single platform. Over 92% of all malware is delivered through the Web, and well over half of malicious URLs today are passing undetected through legacy Web security solutions built on reputation and signature based capabilities alone. This gap represents a growing problem for traditional Secure Web Gateway providers that are incapable of detecting and preventing advanced targeted malware with 0-day exploits. As a result, many of them have created strategic alliances with Breach Detection System vendors (i.e. sandboxing) that specialize in detecting the other half of the threats they can’t. But investing in two separate solutions can be limiting from a financial standpoint let alone the added complexity of managing two “integrated” technologies when your IT staff are already busy enough.

The Secure Web Gateway represented by TJ5 Technologies is an award winning military grade security technology and is the only SWG solution that protects against next generation threats in real time – with a patented real time code analysis engine. By accurately detecting new and targeted attacks, our SWG solution eliminates over and under blocking and enables your employees to safely and productively access the internet.

The features and benefits of this award winning SWG solution include:

  • Advanced Threat Protection with a multi-layered patented real time code analysis engines that analyze the entire composition of a webpage –protecting organizations against cross component malware threats.
  • Web 2.0 Productivity Controls with social media application controls by policy enables full access to those that require it while blocking posts, comments, or uploads for those that do not.
  • Web Filtering with more than 100 categories for granular acceptable web usage policies.
  • Data Loss Prevention by scanning inbound and outbound communication to identify data stealing malware like keystroke loggers and phishing attacks.
  • Centralized Security, Reporting and Policy control through a single central interface, regardless of the deployment options.
  • Inspection and validation of SSL encrypted traffic is built in – not an additional line item.
  • Signature Based Protection via multiple third party AV providers.
  • Reduced Complexity and costs by providing legacy SWG capabilities with 0-day threat protection in a single solution.

Todays’ threat landscape requires that enterprises simultaneously protect against both known and unknown nextgen threats targeting them through the web. This solution combines signature and reputation based capabilities along with an advanced malware entrapment engine in a single simplified platform so you don’t have to invest in two separate technologies for complete protection.