Innovative IT Security Solutions

TJ5 Technologies is an innovative IT Security solutions provider specializing in protecting networks against todays evolving sophisticated threats.

Our mission is to provide superior value to our government and corporate clients with innovative security solutions, innovative simplified strategies, and an efficient cohesive project management process.

Both the adversary and the enterprise are changing faster than most information security teams can adapt. Over the last couple of years organizations have adopted business enabling mobility strategies resulting in newly introduced vulnerabilities and attack vectors that are being exploited by an adversary that continues to evolve rapidly in sophistication and capabilities. Powerful mobile and storage devices are proliferating while carrying sensitive data in and out of the corporate network. These trends are rendering traditional Perimiter security approaches insufficient. Today, the perimeter is where the data is, and the data is everywhere.

These trends require new security strategies without added complexity to an already busy security staff. Our focus responds to these trends with:

  • Data-Centric Security Solutions - that focus on securing the actual data itself, as opposed to securing data where it resides and is transmitted.
  • Mobile Security - with an unparalleled holistic BYOD Network Protection solution with a closed loop automated “self-healing” process.
  • Web Security - that protects against both known and unknown sophisticated threats in real time with a single platform.
  • Network Security Solutions - with a focus on today’s trends in advanced malware and mobility introduced vulnerabilities.
  • Next Gen Security - Signature-less based technologies designed to detect sophisticated Malware